Software & Know-How To Master Churn

StatusQuota’s churn solution combines customer data and industry-leading expertise to accelerate your retention growth.

1 Collect all relevant customer data into account profiles

Your customers are already generating tons of useful information that can be used to predict their satisfaction and churn risk. We gather all that data from your systems to create enriched account profiles.

– Extract product, payment, support, sales, & marketing data

– Profile customers based on demographics, firmographics, & observed behaviors

Use our software & data scientists to ID churn predictors

Using our customer segmentation algorithms, we’ll take the data collected and break down the features that are most predictive of future churn. You’ll learn more about your best (and worst) customers than ever before.

– Segment customers into churn risk cohorts, and identify strongest churn prediction signals

– Provide business insights & coach you on the results

3 Implement new retention strategy. Rinse & repeat.

Customer retention is a journey, not a one-time fix. As your product & value proposition evolves, so too will the predictive signals for customer churn risk. We’re here to support you through the journey to ensure ongoing retention excellence.

– Implementation support & expertise

– Ongoing analysis from dedicated SQ churn analytics team

Want to Figure Out How To Achieve Your Retention Goals?