Don’t Let Churn Kill Your Growth.

StatusQuota offers the industry-leading solution for reducing customer churn & developing scalable retention strategies.

We Use Data To Help You Reduce Churn Right Now


Account Health Signals in Your Product, Support, and Other Data


Which Of Your Customers Have Greatest Churn Risk


Your Team With Insights Needed To Act Early & Win Each Renewal Opportunity

Trusted By Leading Companies Including:

The Tools & Team You Need For Easy Churn Management

We help you by delivering a tailored solution to your unique retention challenge. Our model pairs internal software & proprietary algorithms with a leading team of customer data scientists. By combining software & service, we get you to the right churn reduction strategy.

“SaaS companies looking to sustain growth don’t just rely on net new sales. Renewal revenue is their real secret weapon.” 

Measurable Impact For Your Business

Grow Renewal Rates

Drive Negative Churn

Generate Happier Customers

Make Customer Success Proactive

It’s Time to Get Serious About Increasing Renewals.